Avon Selling Calendar

Avon Selling Calendar

Avon Selling Calendar Avon Selling Calendar

Avon works on two week schedules called campaigns.  Every year or cycle, there are 26 campaigns (C-1 through C-26).  The Avon selling calendars are a guide for when to place your Avon orders that you collected from customers.

The United States is broken up into RPS or Representative Processing Schedules depending on your location.  New Avon has RPS 1 through RPS 10.  There is also a Flexible Ordering Processing Schedule for select Avon reps as well as a Trendsetter Processing Schedule.  For Avon reps RPS 1 through RPS 10, they should submit their order on the due date specified on their specific calendar. Their products will ship the next day.  Flexible Ordering reps have a window to submit their orders which is sometime in the two week campaign.  They may still submit orders the last day of the campaign as well.  Trendsetters are two campaigns ahead of the regular Representative Processing Schedules.  Trendsetters will also place their order on a specific day.  But instead of placing in the campaign all other representatives are on, they will place the campaign that is two ahead.

When reading your Avon Selling Calendar, the campaigns are listed on the left C-1 through C-26.  Look at the last three columns: selling starts, submit orders, and orders ships. Avon selling calendars are important guide to running your Avon business so keep a copy near by and put it on your calendar.

Which Avon Selling Calendar Should I Use?

When you sign up to sell Avon, you will be notified which selling calendar you will use.  You can also find the current and next campaign due dates as well as which RPS calendar to use in YourAvon.com under KEY CAMPAIGN DATES.

You can find all the 2017 Avon Selling Calendars here: https://www.youravon.com/dam/pdf/welcome/campaign-enrollment-calendar-2017-11-16-16-en.pdf

You can find all the 2018 Avon Selling Calendars here: https://www.youravon.com/dam/pdf/welcome/campaign-enrollment-calendar-2018-en.pdf

Sign Up to Sell Avon

  1. Go to www.startavon.com
  2. Enter Reference code: TRACYKRUEGER (If asked, my name is in the link above.)
  3. Fill out the online contract and pick your starter kit as low as $25!
  4. Now YOU are an Avon Representative!

Once you join and become an Avon rep, your Avon Starter Kit will arrive in 3-5 business days. Once you are appointed, I will personally call to welcome you and help you with any questions as well as helping you get started. I will also be sending you important emails about promotions and campaign dates.  I will be available to mentor you and help you become a successful Avon Rep!

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