Avon Sweepstakes August 2017 – The Pampering Staycation Sweepstakes

Avon Sweepstakes August 2017

avon sweepstakes august 2017 the pampering staycation sweepstakes

Avon Sweepstakes August 2017

The Pampering Staycation Sweepstakes

Avon Sweepstakes August 2017 – During the month of August 2017, Avon is giving away the Pampering Staycation 9-piece set valued at $131 in the Avon Sweepstakes August 2017.

Avon Sweepstakes August 2017 – The Pampering Staycation Sweepstakes Products

Avon Sweepstakes August 2017The Pampering Staycation Sweepstakes includes $131 in full-size Avon products including:

The Avon sweepstakes form only takes two minutes and only asks for name, address, phone number, and email. No purchase is necessary.  Both Avon Representatives and the public are able to enter into the drawing. Enter Avon Sweepstakes August 2017 – The Pampering Staycation Sweepstakes today!

Enter to win The Pampering Staycation Sweepstakes Today!

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Did you know there are three ways to shop Avon products online?

3 Ways to Shop Avon Online:

1. SHOP THE CATALOG ONLINE PAGE BY PAGE! Click on a product in the brochure and add it to the bag (cart)! Once your done shopping page by page, go to your bag and check out!

2. SHOP MY ESTORE and search for items you are interested in then add them to the bag and check out.

3. SHOPPING BY PRODUCT NUMBER is the quickest way to shop. Simply enter the product number and quantity. Then check out. You can also shop the previous two campaigns here! If you’d like an item from a previous campaign just choose the campaign from the drop down menu, enter the product number, and quantity. Then check out! Remember you can only shop the last two campaigns.


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