How Do You Become an Avon Representative?

How Do You Become an Avon Representative?

How do you become an avon representative

How Do You Become an Avon Representative? – Become an Avon Rep

As of Campaign 9 2017, many changes are taking place all for the better! Bigger commissions, combining online and face to face sales, bigger incentives, bigger recruiting bonuses, and more! Become an Avon rep today! 

How Do You Become an Avon Representative? – Everyone has their own why on how they come to become an Avon rep. For me, it’s the love of the products, flexibility of the company, and being able to work from home with my children. Avon has been in business for over 130 years beginning with a door to door books salesman in the late 1800’s! He noticed the women were more interested in his free perfume samples than the books he was selling. That’s how Avon began!  This article will help you answer the question, “How do you become an Avon representative?”

 Click here to become an Avon Representative-

Use reference code: TRACYKRUEGER

How Do You Become an Avon Representative?

New Avon Reps start out on the KICKSTART plan.  Where you can earn $1000 or more in your first 90 days! (See The Avon Opportunity Kickstart).

Selling Avon – How to Sell Avon

There are three main ways to sell Avon when you become an Avon rep: face to face sells, online sales, leadership/recruiting (see Can You Make Money Selling Avon?) For Face to face sales you will take the order, collect the money, and put it in Your Avon Representative Account, and submit an order every two weeks. Once the order arrives to your account, you deliver or have the customers pick up the order. Online sales are a bit simpler as they place the order, customers pay online, and it ships directly to them. See my Avon eStore by clicking HERE.

Earning with Avon 

There are also numerous ways to earn money as an Avon rep including face to face sales, online sales, recruiting, and bonuses! New as of Campaign 9 2017, The New Avon has combined face to face orders with eStore orders! You can now make 40% on eStore orders!  During KICKSTART you can earn 40% online!

Become an Avon Rep - kickstart commission chart

Avon Leadership – Start Your Own Team

Leadership is another avenue for Avon sales reps to make additional income. You get a percentage of your recruits sales starting with the first recruit! There are also bonuses and prizes you can win! They have new bonuses and prizes often. They have bonuses and prizes for those who just started and also for seasoned Avon Representatives.

Become an Avon Rep - leadership commission chart

beauty for a purpose recruiting vid YouTube play

Become an Avon Rep & Make Avon Your Own

The beauty of Avon is you get to choose how to make it your business. Once you become an Avon Rep, you can sell only online or only face to face or both. You are encouraged to buy brochures to pass around if you are selling face to face. Prices on brochures start around $6. You can do home parties if you wish.  They aren’t encouraged nor discouraged. It’s all up to what you’re comfortable doing.  Avon also doesn’t have quotas just goals that you can set for yourself. Start up costs are low with sign up fee at $25.  Other costs could include brochures or business cards but these are not mandatory.  There is no monthly fee to be an Avon representative. These are just some of the advantages of Avon.

Ready? If so, sign up below. More questions? Email me at


If you’re looking for a new opportunity with Avon, here are the steps to become an Avon Representative:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter Reference code: TRACYKRUEGER (if asked) (My name is already in the link above.)
  3. Fill out the short 5 minute online contract and pick your starter kit as low as $25!
  4. Now YOU are an Avon Representative! You will have access to your Avon online E-store immediately. It will already be ready for customers to purchase. You will also have access to your Avon representative account.

Once you join, your Avon Starter Kit will arrive in 3-5 business days. It will come with samples and Avon brochures to start your business. Once you are appointed, I will personally call to welcome you and help you with any questions as well as helping you get started. I will also be sending you important emails about promotions and campaign dates. I will be available by phone, text, email, and social media to mentor you and help you become a successful Avon Rep!

How Do You Become an Avon Representative
Click here to become an Avon Representative-

Use reference code: TRACYKRUEGER


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