How Does Selling Avon Work?

How Does Selling Avon Work

How Does Selling Avon Work?

How Does Selling Avon Work? A top question that is asked frequently is How does selling Avon work?”  When you sign up to sell Avon, you become be an independent Avon representative.  You are an individual who sells Avon products for a commission.  As an independent Avon rep, you have created your own business. No longer will you have a boss, you are the boss. Instead of a boss, you now have mentors or upline who can help guide you to being successful. Avon works in campaigns or two-week cycles.  Every two weeks a new catalog or campaign becomes available.  This continues for 26 campaigns for the year. Avon reps typically submit their orders every two weeks at the end of the campaign. I hope this article will help answer your question, How does selling Avon work?” 

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About Selling Avon – How Does Selling Avon Work?

How much does it cost to sell Avon?  To start selling Avon, you will purchase an Avon starter kit. Avon starter kits start at $25.  In the $25 kit, you will get $80 in Avon products plus Avon brochures to get you started.

What is the Avon Kickstart Plan?  As soon as you join Avon, you start the Avon Kickstart plan.  Here you will be able to earn a higher commission on smaller orders than other established reps.  This gives you the “Kickstart” to be successful in your new business. On your very first order, you will earn 40% commission no matter the size!  On your second order, you will earn 40% commission on a $150 order or more. The chart goes up in $50 increments for 7 campaigns.

What are the Avon commissions?  Avon commissions work on a scale.  Avon reps start earning on their very first dollar! As your order size increases, your commission also increases. Avon representatives can sell face to face and online.  Avon will combine the sales each campaign from both to determine your commission percentage.

Current 2017 Avon Commission Chart – Larger Commissions!

$0 — $149.99: 20%

$150 — $299.99: 30%

$300 — $499.99: 35%

$500 or more: 40%

What are other Avon costs?  The costs are minimal for starting your own Avon business.  There are a couple other costs that may come up such as ordering brochures which start a $6.49 for a ten pack of Avon catalogs. There is also a small shipping fee based on your order size to ship your customers products to your home.  Don’t worry though as you charge $0.75 per customer a shipping fee.  This small charge should cover the cost of shipping.

Does Avon have quotas?  There are no quotas for Avon.  You won’t have to meet any quotas to start earning money.  You start earning on the very first dollar you sell.  If you go completely inactive for seven campaigns, Avon will set your account to inactive.  The more you sell the higher your commission percentage will be. You will have goals and incentives to work for but you are not penalized for not meeting those goals.

What is the Avon selling territory?  As an independent Avon rep, you have the ability to sell to anyone in the United States of America.  With your free Avon eStore, your customers can purchase from you anywhere in the USA! On your Avon eStore, there is a free online Avon brochure that your customers can view and order! You can even send paper Avon catalogs through a third-party vendor called At, they will put your information on the Avon catalog and send it to them for a lower cost than mailing it yourself.

What training does Avon offer?  Avon offers free online training available to all Avon representatives called Avon University.  This training is optional but recommended. There are also other optional training opportunities that are available around the country at different times throughout the year.

Does Avon offer bonuses?  Avon offers different incentives and bonuses throughout the year.  Avon currently offers qualified recruiting bonuses as well as Avon incentives for sales.

Does Avon have recruiting?  Avon leadership is another avenue to earn income.  When recruiting, you will have the opportunity to earn commissions on your recruits sales.  Avon offers other incentives for building your own Avon team such as cash bonuses, jewelry, trips and more!  If you decide to start your own Avon team, your upline or Avon mentor will be able to help get you started.

How do I get paid for selling Avon?  When you sell Avon face to face, you will collect orders and payment. Avon will charge you the difference between your customer’s cost and your cost. You keep the difference and that is your commission.  For example: You sell $300 in orders. You collect the $300 and submit them to Avon. Avon will charge you $195 for the products and you keep the $105 for your earnings. When selling Avon online, the customers order online and pay online. Therefore, Avon will credit your account for the earnings.  When you have a negative account balance, Avon will send you a check or directly deposit it into your bank.

How Do I Join Avon & Become an Avon Representative?

  1. Go to
  2. Enter Reference code: TRACYKRUEGER (If asked, my name is in the link above.)
  3. Fill out the online contract and pick your starter kit as low as $25!
  4. Now YOU are an Avon Representative!

Once you join Avon and become an Avon rep, your Avon Starter Kit will arrive in 3-5 business days. Once you are appointed, I will personally call to welcome you and help you with any questions as well as helping you get started. I will also be sending you important emails about promotions and campaign dates. I will be available to mentor you and help you become a successful Avon Rep!

Click here to sign up to sell Avon

Use reference code: TRACYKRUEGER

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