The New Avon Opportunity – 2017 Changes

Avon has kicked off 2017 with some amazing changes! The New Avon has created bigger incentives and larger commissions!

The New Avon KICKSTART Opportunity

Effective Campaign 4 2017, the KICKSTART program for new representatives has been improved! Now instead of six there are seven campaigns to earn 40% commission on all sales face to face or online through your eStore! New representatives in KICKSTART will also be able to place ANY SIZE order their first campaign and still earn 40% commission! The second campaign will have a goal of $150 to earn the 40% commission. The goals will continue to increase in $50 increments up through the seventh campaign. Recruiters will be able to earn their recruiting bonuses when the recruit places a $150 order in either their first or second campaign! Read more about KICKSTART here.


Click here to become an Avon Representative–

Use reference code: TRACYKRUEGER

The New Avon Commission Structure

Effective Campaign 9 2017, Avon has listened and combined earnings for face to face on online through your eStore! You will now be able to make the same commission on eStore orders as you would face to face!  The New commission structure is as follows:

Earning Levels Effective Campaign 9 2017:

$0-$149.99-beauty & jewelry-20% commission

$150-$299.99-beauty & jewelry-30% commission

$300-$499.99-beauty & jewelry-35% commission

$500 or more-beauty & jewelry-40% commission

Fashion and home sales will all earn 20% commission

The New Avon Leadership Bonuses Incentives

Effective Campaign 4 2017, regardless of rank you  can now earn $20 bonus for each qualified recruit as well as a 3% sponsoring bonus on their sales each campaign for as long as they are active in Avon! This all starts with your very first recruit! Sponsoring bonuses and generation bonuses are combined!

Effective Campaign 4 2017, promotion bonuses are given out each time you advance in rank. Promotion bonuses now range from $500 to $20,000! They will be given out in four installments as you retain your new title.

Also effective Campaign 4 2017, mentor bonuses are given for helping someone in your downline achieve an advancement in rank. Mentor bonuses range from $250-$10,000!

The New Avon Incentives- All Inclusive Trip to the Bahamas!

Vacation Like A Boss!

Earn a trip to the Bahamas at the all inclusive resort-Atlantis! When you sell, recruit, mentor, and advance in rank, earn points to win a trip for one or two to the Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas!


If you’re looking for a new opportunity with Avon, here are the steps to become an Avon Representative:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter Reference code: TRACYKRUEGER (if asked)(The code already in the link above.)
  3. Fill out the short 5 minute online contract and pick your starter kit as low as $25!
  4. Now YOU are an Avon Representative! You will have access to your Avon online E-store immediately. It will already be ready for customers to purchase. You will also have access to your Avon representative account.

Once you join, your Avon Starter Kit (see Avon Starter Kits) will arrive in 3-5 business days. It will come with samples and brochures to start your business. Once you are appointed, I will personally call to welcome you and help you with any questions as well as helping you get started. I will also be sending you important emails about promotions and campaign dates. I will be available by phone, text, email, and social media to mentor you and help you become a successful Avon Rep!
Click here to become an Avon Representative-

Use reference code: TRACYKRUEGER

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More questions on the Avon Opportunity? Read more below:


Did you know there are three ways to shop Avon products online?

3 Ways to Shop Avon Online:

1. SHOP THE BROCHURE ONLINE PAGE BY PAGE! Click on a product in the brochure and add it to the bag (cart)! Once your done shopping page by page, go to your bag and check out!

2. SHOP MY ESTORE and search for items you are interested in then add them to the bag and check out.

3. SHOPPING BY PRODUCT NUMBER is the quickest way to shop. Simply enter the product number and quantity. Then check out. You can also shop the previous two campaigns here! If you’d like an item from a previous campaign just choose the campaign from the drop-down menu, enter the product number, and quantity. Then check out! Remember you can only shop the last two campaigns.

Shop Avon Online

Sell Avon-Join for $25!

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